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VitalAnnuity offers an extensive list of traditional and multi-year guaranteed annuities with hundreds of products.
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Annuity rates change constantly, so we update rates each business day. To stay current, EbixExchange has partnered with Beacon Research, which obtains and verifies updates directly from the carriers. This assures that VitalAnnuity’s information is current and accurate.

Beacon Research is a completely independent fixed annuity information source, providing data unique in its accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness. The data we receive from Beacon Research includes hundreds of fixed annuity products and interest rate bands tracked and updated on a real-time basis. It also offers complete information with up to 500 features per product. Not to mention, no other research organization derives its fixed annuity data from analysis of source documents, provided and verified by the carriers themselves. This ensures accuracy and makes Beacon Research a perfect data source for VitalAnnuity.


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VitalSigns aggregates all the data you need in one place saving you time and creating more sales.
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