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Year-End Financial Data
Each year, insurance companies are required to report annual statements to the government. This data is used to monitor the financial health of insurers and protect the interests of consumers. VitalSigns provides this data, for 500 companies.

These statements, filed in March, contain data for the previous year. VitalSigns releases new financials each spring.

Independent ratings services do in-depth research evaluating carriers based on a variety of financial and operating criteria. VitalSigns uses the top ratings services - A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Fitch, and Weiss. VitalSigns updates ratings twice monthly.

VitalSigns Help includes explanations for each rating and a chart that compares the ratings by each service. An AM Best A+ is very different from a Standard & Poor's A+.

The Comdex
The Comdex is not a rating, but a composite of all the ratings a company has received. It ranks companies on a scale of 1 to 100, showing you at a glance where a company is ranked among all rated insurers. The Comdex is only available in VitalSigns.
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Time-Saving Features
VitalSigns aggregates all the data you need in one place saving you time and creating more sales.
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A Variety of Report Types
VitalSigns presents data in a variety of formats, so you can choose the level of detail that's right for your client. Learn More


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