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A Variety of Report Types

VitalSigns offers a variety of reports for all levels of users making it powerful enough for you and simple enough for your client. Reports are formatted as side-by-side ledgers, graphs and lists. A Glossary report is also available to include with each report package.

Compare Carriers - Compare up to 8 carriers. Includes Profile and Analysis.
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Focus on One Carrier - Take a closer look at the ratings and/or financials for one carrier. Includes Company Snapshot and Ratings.
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Focus on Financial Criteria - Sort the entire VitalSigns company list by one criteria. Includes Custom Sort and Company Selector. Or show that data graphically with the Single or Multiple Company Graphs.
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Reliable Data
VitalSigns provides yearly financials reported to the NAIC and ratings from the 5 leading services.
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Time-Saving Features
VitalSigns aggregates all the data you need in one place saving you time and creating more sales. Learn More


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