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Consumer Website Options and Pricing

One-Time Setup Options
Partially Customized
$400 Applicable when the client requests minor derivations of the standard template, integration into branded website framework, carrier images and/or other minor customizations.
Fully Customized
$1,000 Fully customized to meet client's unique specifications

Monthly Pricing
VitalTerm Web
Levels I-V
Price per Month Maximum Quotes
Level I $100 250
Level II $200 500
Level III $500 3,333
Level IV $1,000 10,000

Optional Features
Secure Input

  • Provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to input form.
  • Price: 10% of monthly VitalTerm fees.

Secure Pre-Application Form

  • Provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to pre-application form (provided by client) populated from the quote result . Pre-applications are emailed to client. Learn More
  • Price: 10% of monthly VitalTerm Web fees.

Web Services and Third Party Integration

  • Integration fees may apply with maximum of $1,000



Save work and time by pre-screening clients. Learn More
Standard Template
Don't want to design your own site? Use our pre-designed template. View Template


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