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WinFlex is the industry’s standard platform used to illustrate carrier products and create advanced sales proposals. Used by a large segment of brokerage and independent producers, WinFlex provides carriers valuable shelf space when it comes to illustrations and product selection. Additionally, the flexibility of WinFlex allows carriers to distribute the software easily and effectively to captive and alternative distributions.
WinFlex can also assist carriers who are interested in a cost effective way of providing a web-based illustration solution.

What Products are Supported?
Most insurance products are available through the WinFlex system including all forms of life, annuities, long term care, and disability insurance. The WinFlex interface allows you to combine separate product illustration engines to promote your full portfolio to any desired distribution through a single system.

Support for All Distributions
WinFlex Web’s ability to create multiple distributions allows the system to be your sole illustration software. The unique ability to tie into multiple illustration engines allows carriers to provide their entire product portfolio through one system. Now carriers can gain the benefit of exposing their entire portfolio to any distribution. The system also allows carriers to pick and choose what products are provided for some distributions that may not have access to products. Whether it is brokerage, independent, alternative or captive, WinFlex Web has a solution for your strategy.

Administrative System/Reporting
WinFlex Web provides a robust administrative system for carriers. The admin system allows carriers to easily approve/deny users who request access to WinFlex Web. Additionally, through the rich reporting capabilities, the system will provide carriers in-depth information on user illustration runs. The statistical information gathered will allow carriers to enhance their marketing efforts by providing product and market trends far sooner than in the past.

Internet Updating
The WinFlex desktop system has internet updating capabilities. This feature allows carriers to easily update their system through the internet without the need to distribute software. Internet updating allows carriers to get their products to the street more rapidly while saving time and money compared to traditional software distribution.

How do I get my products in WinFlex?
Contact Bill Walasek by email or phone (435-649-5300, ext. 138).



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