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Advanced Sales Concepts

Many cases involve creative planning for clients. WinFlex provides the capability to illustrate many of the most popular advanced sales concepts to easily present complicated scenarios. These concepts are easily illustrated and include:

  • Standard Illustrations, with or without IRRs.
  • Split Dollar using Loan Regime and Economic Benefit Regime methods.
  • Deferred Compensation with complete flexibility in funding, pre-retirement, and post-retirement benefits.
  • Executive Bonus with employer bonus options.
  • Group Term Carveout using Sec.162, Bonus or Split Dollar.
  • Full composite ability is built into WinFlex giving you the ability to produce individually designed case illustrations while producing a composite for the entire group.
  • Financial alternatives comparing a policy with numerous investment choices.







Side-by-Side Comparison
WinFlex also provides the ability to present products side-by-side through our MultiPlan presentation. Learn More


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