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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I have a question about my WinFlex system?
The Home office for the WinFlex company in question supports WinFlex. The Home Offices also coordinate necessary contacts with EbixExchange concerning WinFlex.

How can I get WinFlex in my office?
You must contact the Home Office for the WinFlex company you would like. Check out our Current WinFlex Version Update page on this website for a list of companies currently supplying WinFlex.

I already have WinFlex for another company installed. Can I install an additional company on the same drive?
Yes. WinFlex is designed to run all the companies installed to the same directory. If you received only company disks for the carrier, you may use Install Company under the Options menu to add that company to your WinFlex system. If you received the WinFlex system disks as well as the company disks, we suggest installing the system and company disks to the current location of WinFlex.

How do I download an Internet Update?
If you have a carrier that supports this feature, updates may be downloaded using the Options | Check for Internet Updates menu option or toolbar button.
Step 1: Connect to the Internet.
Step 2: Minimize the Internet screen but keep the connection running.
Step 3: Open WinFlex.
Step 4: Click on the Options menu.
Step 5: Choose "Check for Internet Updates". WinFlex will check for Internet Updates available for the installed companies and display a list of those carriers. You may then select the companies to update and click the Download button. The updates will be automatically downloaded and installed.

How do I determine which version of WinFlex and Company disks I'm running?
Both the WinFlex and Company versions can be found by selecting Help | About WinFlex or Help | About Carriers. The WinFlex version number appears after the word "Version" (example: Version 6.12.05).The company version number appears next to the word "Company" (example: Company 6.25.00).

How can I access company/product specific help?
Product and company help can be accessed by selecting the Product Help or Company help, respectively, under the Help Menu. You may also hit the <F2> function key while a company and/or product is highlighted in the By Company selector box.

How can I access help on specific questions
WinFlex displays the question specific help in the yellow area at the bottom of the input notebook. Hitting the <F1> function key will also display the question specific help text.




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Frequently Asked Questions


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