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Simplicity and Power of a Single System

Learn One System
WinFlex only requires users to learn one illustration system but allows them to illustrate many carriers and products. Users no longer need to educate themselves on the each carrier's unique ways of illustrating products, instead they can utilize one common input interface to produce compliant illustrations for over 30 leading carriers.
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Input Information Once
When challenged with the task of running products from multiple carriers, users typically need to input the client and case data in each carrier's unique system. WinFlex overcomes the inefficiency by allowing users to input information once and share it among multiple carriers/products.

Common Output
Helping a client or advisor understand an insurance product is challenging enough. When analyzing carriers and products with them, presenting it in multiple formats can only lead to additional confusion. WinFlex provides common illustration output so your clients and advisors can clearly see the differences in the products being presented, leading to the best solution for their situation.
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Input Screen

Side-by-Side Comparison
WinFlex also provides the ability to present products side-by-side through our MultiPlan presentation Learn More
Advanced Sales Concepts
Illustrate the latest sales concepts including split dollar, deferred comp, and executive bonus. Learn More

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