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WinFlex Web Insurance Illustration Software

WinFlex Web life insurance illustration software offers agents a single system for multiple carriers and advanced sales concepts including split dollar, executive bonus and group carve out.

Advantage for Carriers
Advantage for Brokers
  • All your brokers on one website
  • Instant Access, controlled by the carrier
  • All your carriers on one website
  • Instant Access to new carriers, new products

  • Provides Full Advanced Sales capabilities
    Includes Product Comparisons and Composite for Multiple Clients
  • Has same "Look & Feel" as WinFlex desktop version
    An industry standard for over 30 carriers and thousands of agents
  • Eliminates software distribution and installation
    Eliminates end user support for maintaining software
  • Insures all Producers use current software
    Makes bug fixes available immediately
    Simplifies and accelerates new product introductions
  • Allows Carriers to register users on-line
    Supports upload of user lists and single user registration
  • Provides Usage Statistics
    Captures data by producer, by product, by concept
    Provides real-time views of usage, trends, etc.

    Visit the WinFlex Web Site




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